Best Fat Burners of 2019: Instant Knockout, Transparent Labs’ Fat Burner, LeanMode, QuadraLean… Which one is the best?

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The Absolute Best Fat Burners Available Today

Updated September 1st, 2019

Looking to get lean? Your usual exercise and diet plan may be working fine, but the results may be slow. You need an extra push to get you to the results you desperately desire. Enter the fat burner supplements. These supplements can help you burn body fat and lose weight faster than ever before.

However, with so many supplements on the market, how do you decide the best one for yourself? Luckily, after extensive research, we have compiled a list of the best fat burners available today. Check them out below!

In a hurry? Here’s our top 3:

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Instant Knockout

Strongest Fat Burner

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Transparent Labs Fat Burner

Excellent Stim-Free Alternative

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Best Value

What Are Fat Burners?

Fat burners are basically supplements that you can use to enhance the fat burning capabilities of the body. When you ingest food, a lot of the nutrients are stored as fats. These burners increase the metabolism of fats and help boost weight loss.

As a result, you’ll find that your workouts are more effective, and you’ll lose fat quicker. There are numerous fat burners on the market, each with its own characteristics.

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How Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners work in a plethora of different ways. These can include creating heat inside a cell or increasing the rate of metabolism. Some can even stimulate your cells to release more fatty acids while others can manipulate your enzymes to ensure higher fat loss.

Most of the ingredients used in these supplements mainly work to stimulate the fat centers in the body to break fat down. For example, caffeine is the main ingredient in various fat burners. It helps you increase the metabolism of your body which in turn helps in burning fat. It also provides energy for workouts, so you find yourself losing weight quicker.

In addition, caffeine enhances the metabolism of fatty acids inside belly fat. Once these acids are metabolized, our body can use them for energy.

On the other hand, it’s important to set up realistic expectations from the supplements. These supplements are only successful when paired with a proper diet and exercise routine. When taken with a proper diet, it won’t just help you lose but will help you curb your appetite and increase your core temperature.

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Why Should You Take Fat Burners?

A good fat burner will help you reach your goals for your body by enhancing weight loss. However, you need to incorporate it with proper diet and exercise. Here are the top reasons why you should take a fat burner:

1. It Suppresses Appetite

A good fat burner can help eliminate your hunger and curb your appetite. This way you’ll find it easier to follow your diet as planned.

2. It Increases Energy

Since fat burners increase your pool of fatty acids by metabolizing fats, your body is free to use these compounds and convert them into energy.

3. It Increases Metabolism

Fat burners are the key to increasing metabolism and reaching your goals quicker.

Sadik Best Fat Burners

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Important Factors to Consider When Buying A Fat Burner

While there may be numerous fat burners on the market, only the best ones will help you effectively lose weight without any side effects. So, how do you find the best one for yourself? Make sure to take into account the following factors:

1. Say No to Proprietary Blends

Most labels include proprietary blends which do not disclose the ingredients. Simply said, they are a combination of different vitamins, minerals, and herbs. However, since they do not disclose the ingredients, you’re never aware of what you’re ingesting.

These blends may contain high dosages of some useless minerals while including low dosages of important ingredients.

Another huge disadvantage is that you may be allergic to an ingredient included in the blend. Or the blend may include an ingredient that elevates your pre-existing medical condition. So, ensure that you buy from known brands that display all their ingredients and their dosage on the label clearly.

2. Choose Natural Ingredients

You may use supplements for a long time. Chemicals and artificial compounds can often end up harming your body as they have numerous side effects. They do more harm than good. Thus, it is crucial that all ingredients in a fat burner supplement are 100% natural.

3. Serving Size

We highly recommend choosing a fat burner that has a medium dosage. Smaller dosages may not help at all while larger dosages can harm your body and result in side effects. It’s best to go with the recommended dosage. We recommend going with a burner that allows for 3-4 capsules throughout the day.

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Main Ingredients Used in Fat Burners

Fat burners include numerous ingredients, each adding a certain property to the product. These may include:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea can help you increase weight loss and make it faster. This is due to its fat burning properties which will help you burn more fat than usual. In fact, even if you’re resting, green tea can still help.

Basically, it includes antioxidants called catechins which helps your body in eliminating body fat. The best part is that it contains less caffeine. In fact, using supplements that contain green tea is equivalent to drinking 5-10 cups of green tea every day.


Glucomannan is also known as Konjac Root. It helps the body in losing fat by curbing your appetite. Hunger is often the reason for slower weight loss. In addition, it is why you may often cheat on your diet. Glucomannan is crucial in reducing your cravings and ensuring that you follow your diet through the very end.

It can help you feel fuller by causing a delay in emptying your stomach. Also, Glucomannan expands inside the stomach which further suppresses the appetite.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is a common compound that possesses excellent fat burning capabilities. Not only that, but it can also help you curb your appetite. What it does is increase the levels of calcium inside your body and speed up the weight loss process.

On the other hand, it does have a few minor side effects including gas and bloating.


Another common ingredient in most fat burners is caffeine. You can find caffeine in many foods and drinks such as coffee. It basically helps curb your appetite and improves weight loss.

As you might already be aware, caffeine provides your body with a boost of energy. This is why it’s so effective in helping you keep awake. It eliminates feelings of fatigue which helps you maintain higher energy levels.

However, caffeine can also lead to various side effects such as jitters and energy crashes. As a result, the FDA has imposed regulations and recommends limiting caffeine consumption to 400 milligrams a day for adults.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Another ingredient with excellent thermogenic properties is cayenne pepper seeds. Due to their extremely spicy nature, you may be skeptical about ingesting them in their natural state. This is why fat burners with cayenne pepper seeds are a much better option as they successfully disguise the spiciness.

Have you ever eaten a pepper? Noticed how your tongue burns and feels hot? Yep, cayenne pepper seeds raise your body temperature. This forces the body to work harder which ensures faster fat burning.

Also, they decrease your appetite and are jam-packed with vitamins A, C, and B6.

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Which Ingredients Should I Avoid?

Not all ingredients may help you. In fact, they can end up doing you more harm. Thus, we recommend you keep an eye out, especially for the following ingredients:

Bitter Orange Extract

The bitter orange extract may be natural but it’s far from being safe. There have been several reports of numerous unwanted side effects from this ingredient. This may include headaches, and migraines, high blood pressure as well as an irregular heartbeat.

Yohimbe Bark Extract

Another natural ingredient that can do you more harm than good. The bark comes from the Yohimbe tree which is an evergreen tree that is found mainly in Central and West Africa. Similar to bitter orange extracts, these extracts also cause a bunch of different side effects.

These side effects may include high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and even breathing problems.

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Are Fat Burners Safe?

A question that bothers most people is whether these fat burners are safe. They can be extremely safe if you take care of a few factors. Generally, here are a few rules to follow to ensure safe intake of these supplements:

1. Don’t Use Them Forever

An important part of dieting is to end it within a short time frame. Dieting forever is highly unadvised, and most experts recommend that you achieve weight loss in the least possible time to get the best results.

The ideal time period is about 10-14 weeks. This allows you to modify your diet according to your activity level and even cheat on it occasionally. So, it’s important to cycle off your fat burner once your planned dieting ends. Otherwise, prolonged use could end up doing you more harm.

2. Adequate Amount of Calories

It’s critical that you maintain an adequate intake of calories. While it’s okay to be slightly caloric deficient, too much can lead to various health problems. Your goal should be to burn slightly more calories than you consume. However, fewer calories aren’t always good.

If you cut your calories too low, you may get results in the beginning. However, strictly limiting your calorie intake for a long period of time can lead to weight loss that is unhealthy and unsustainable.

The ultimate goal for weight loss should be to lose weight fast but at the same time, you should feel happy and healthy. Ideally, you should consume the maximum number of calories while still losing weight.

3. Be Careful When Using Stimulants

Stimulants such as caffeine can lead to various health problems if taken excessively. For example, if you already drink 2-3 cups of coffee each day, then you might want to avoid a fat burner with caffeine or reduce your coffee intake.

Some fat burners are stimulant free and thus, include lesser side effects. Not to mention, studies show that less sleep can result in excessive weight gain which stimulants play a key role in. When taken excessively, you may experience jitters, sweats and weird feelings.

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Improving Weight Loss Through Fat Burners

While fat burners are extremely effective in helping you lose weight, you can enhance their effects by:

1. Increase Water Intake

Ensuring adequate water intake is crucial to help avoid any dehydration. It’s essential that you consume at least 2 liters of water per day.

2. Follow the Recommended Dosage

Do not abuse the product. Only use it within the recommended range. If you increase the dosage above the recommended limit, you can end up with numerous side effects.

3. Do Cardio and Strength Training

The general perception is that cardio can help you get leaner while strength training can help you bulk up. While they may seem opposites, they actually go hand in hand. Strength training can boost your metabolism and increase your overall muscle mass.

We highly recommend that you do strength training workouts at least 3 times a week. However, do not discard cardio either. High-intensity cardio workouts are best for those who want to lose weight quickly.

Cardio and Fat Burners

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Check If the Fat Burner Is Working

The fat burner should begin working quickly, however, you need to assess your progress and results. In some cases, you won’t see results within the first 2-3 weeks. Give it some time to work.

There are various ways through which you can check whether the fat burner is working for you. You can try taking progress photos and measuring each part of your body to find out which area is being targeted by the burner. Also, use a scale to check your weight every couple of days, but keep in mind that weight isn’t as reliable as you may think. It’s only a part of the story. In fact, there may be times when you don’t see a difference in your weight — We recommend that you don’t fixate on it too much. Instead, try to check how you feel and look after the exercise.

The main point is to only use fat burners to get that final 5% of the result you want. Remember to stick with your nutrition plan and exercise routine!

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Fat Burner Reviews

Instant Knockout, produced by Roar Ambition, is one of the most powerful and best fat burners available in 2019. It’s based on extensive research and experimentation, and we’ll go as far as to say that it is one of the most effective fat burners that’s ever been produced.

It uses a particular set of ingredients that boost metabolism, and its effectiveness is due to the fact that it incorporates an array of ingredients which not only boost your metabolism but also help sustain energy.

This cutting-edge mechanism allows your body to store less fat, as it urges the body to use up fat as a source of energy. With this accelerated metabolism, your body burns more calories, even at rest.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Instant Knockout has also been carefully engineered to reduce the number of cravings. Less cravings mean fewer fast foods or sweet sugary snacks in your body, and this directly contributes to fat burning.

A lot of people use heavy cardio sessions to burn fat, so in turn, their body loses a lot of energy. To avoid that, Instant Knockout also levels up your energy even after cardio sessions to help you through your other activities.

10Expert Score
Instant Knockout

Hands-Down the Strongest Fat Burner

  • Reduces hunger cravings throughout the day.
  • Boosts your metabolism.
  • Uses all-natural ingredients.
  • Money back guarantee provided.
  • Shows result very quickly.
  • Uses an easy dosage scheme: four capsules a day.

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One of the best non-stimulant fat burners on the market today is Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner. This product is engineered using careful and vigorous research conducted at Transparent Labs’ laboratories. These fat burning pills help you meet all the criteria for burning fat.

All in all, it can help you curb your appetite at a time when you are generally very hungry. Normally, after a tiring day, people usually do not bother with cooking a meal or even ordering take-out. They just grab the sugary foods on the shelf and consume them. However, this particular fat burner will help eliminate that.

Transparent Labs Physique Series Stim Free Fat Burner

The PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner also helps to increase your metabolic rate by boosting your metabolism to a point where your body burns more calories than it consumes every day.

This fat burner uses thermogenic ingredients such as Forslean, Green Tea Extract and a mixture of other minor ingredients to attain a fast metabolism even when resting. This is almost unachievable with regular diet plans.

It also uses HTP-5 to greatly reduce impulsive hunger cravings. L-Theanine and Salicin are used to reduce energy jitters, mental and physical stress as well.

10Expert Score
PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner

Stim-Free, Still Powerful

  • Contains no fillers nor harmful additives.
  • Gluten free.
  • Uses thermogenic ingredients for a metabolic boost.
  • Pills are easy to swallow and provide a manageable dosage and routine.
  • FDA approved.
  • Provides increased clean energy and focus.

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Video Review of Transparent Labs Fat Burner

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Jacked Factory’s BURN-XT is definitely a front runner when it comes to choosing an affordable and effective supplement that burns fat quickly. All of BURN-XT’s products are well known for their great price range as well as quick results.

BURN-XT is a great thermogenic fat burner for men and for women as well. The carefully planned synergistic formula aids in burning fat and increasing energy. Each capsule elevates your mood, preserves lean muscle and keeps your appetite in check. It helps to maximize your fat loss while still sparing your muscles.

These fat burning pills are manufactured using only premium ingredients. The company prides itself on never adding any kind of preservatives or fillers. Each dose contains L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extracts, Caffeine and other natural extracts which help keep the body in perfect shape.

These ingredients are all mixed together to make a single dose: each capsule must be taken once before each meal every day. This dosage is easy to manage and does not upset your stomach by being too influential on the digestive system.

Jacked Factory Burn XT

Other than that, BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner also aids in keeping focus, as it induces a surge of clean energy in the body which helps keep you energized throughout the day. It reduces impulsive hunger, so your diet stays in check.

9Expert Score

Excellent Value

  • All ingredients used are backed up by heavy research.
  • Does not contain any fillers, food dye or preservatives.
  • Little to no side effects.
  • Uses a fully transparent label.


Video Review of BURN-XT

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90 %
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VINTAGE BURN by Old School Labs is one of the oldest and best weight loss pills on the market. Not only are they known for their quick effects and few side effects, but they are also very affordable and come with a great guarantee.

The VINTAGE BURN Fat Burner is a scientifically backed and research-based supplement for retaining muscle mass and losing fat. It prides itself on being the first of its kind: it is a muscle preserver as well as a fat burner. It also improves mental health, physical stamina and helps tone down your appetite.

Furthermore, it provides other benefits for effective fat loss: the supplement contains only premium ingredients which are effective for fat loss, such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea extracts and raspberry ketones to help tone down the fat on your body.

Old School Labs Vintage Burn

All of these pills have been tested by third-party companies and organizations and found to have very little side effects. The manufacturers also provide a great policy with this product: if you do not see the results you were hoping for, their team will help you resolve that issue or provide you with a full refund for your purchase.

9Expert Score

Preserves Muscles

  • Tested and tried by third-party companies.
  • No additives and food dye or preservatives.
  • Guaranteed results or money back guarantee.
  • Helps burn fat while preserving muscle.
  • Contains only premium ingredients.


Video Review of VINTAGE BURN

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90 %
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Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode is a one of a kind fat burner, which helps you build lean muscle while still burning fat.

Lean Mode is a stimulant free fat burner which is specially engineered to cater to the needs of a plethora of different kinds of people; from athletes to casual gym goers.

It uses an effective mechanism allowing it to carefully take up the stored fat in your body and use it as literal fuel to use for workouts and other activities.

Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode

One of the major benefits of this product is that it uses a stimulant free formula which prevents you from developing any major side effects or negative impacts. Lean Mode allows you to reduce body fat, gain stable muscle mass, focus on your work, gain mental focus and physical stamina. All of this without any negative impact. The dosage is also made very easy in order to accommodate people with different meal plans and dietary schedules.

9Expert Score
Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode

Stim-Free Alternative

  • Contains zero gluten.
  • Stimulant free.
  • Provides dietary support.
  • Rated Non-GMO.
  • Almost zero side effects or negative impact.

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Atrafen Elite by Nutratech is a dietary supplement which is manufactured and formulated specifically for professional athletes who need to lose fat in order to be shredded for some competition or just for their personal satisfaction.

These fat burning pills are specially engineered to appeal to men or women who wish to lose fat quickly and can handle the fast metabolism rate. Atrafen Elite is known for working well with people who are on keto diets and would like to get extra help in losing fat.

The carefully selected ingredients in this particular weight loss supplement provide you with sufficient energy for the day, are a reliable source of stable muscle gain and help suppress impulsive hunger.

Nutratech Astrafen Elite

Atrafen Elite is recommended for men and women who perform intense workouts and engage in intense cardio sessions. This product is not recommended to those who are sensitive to caffeine as it can cause problems with your sleep schedule or sleep pattern.

Atrafen Elite is shipped with a 30-day money back guarantee and excellent customer service, ready to provide advice on how to use the pills.

9Expert Score
Atrafen Elite

You gotta love caffeine 😉

  • Provides a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Specially engineered for people with heavy workout routines.
  • FDA approved product.
  • Works for people on keto diets.

Shop Atrafen Elite

Video Review of Atrafen Elite

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90 %
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Shop Atrafen Elite

One of the best weight management products on the market, RSP Nutrition’s QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat Burner prides itself on being versatile. It provides natural clean energy and enhances focus for all types of people, and also increases metabolism, so you can lose fat faster and gain more mass.

RSP QuadraLean

QuadraLean contains all natural and premium ingredients, such as L-Carnitine L Tartrate and Green Tea extracts, which help suppress impulsive hunger. Dosage is pretty easy – just take it 3 times a day, once before each meal.

However, be careful not to take the pills less than 6 hours before your sleep time if you are sensitive to caffeine.

8Expert Score

Versatile Fat Burner

  • Offers users laser focus.
  • Provides energy by using fat as a source.
  • Increases metabolism rate.
  • Versatile for men and women in all walks of life.

Shop QuadraLean

Video Review of RSP QuadraLean

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94 %
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Universal Nutrition’s Animal Cuts is a pioneer in the field of fat burners. It is one of the best fat shredding formulas available on the market today and is specially engineered to support the ligaments and muscles of heavyweight lifters and bodybuilders. This particularly strong fat burning pill provides the necessary ingredients that lifters need in order to prevent a serious injury.

Animal Cuts include thermogenic, lipolytic and diuretic compounds, all in one small packaging. It does not lead to any sort of negative side effects, but keep in mind that effects vary from person to person, and the recommended dosage should be followed.

Animal Cuts

You are supposed to take 2 packs a day for 3 weeks straight. You should take 1 pack whenever you wake up in the morning and take the other approximately 6 hours later. However, be warned; do not use this product with other caffeinated products as this contains a large amount of caffeine already.

8Expert Score
Animal Cuts

One of the Most Complete Formulas

  • Contains thermogenic ingredients.
  • Strong fat burning effects.
  • Muscle sparring ingredients.
  • Very promising results in the long run.
  • Almost zero side effects.

Shop Animal Cuts

Video Review of Animal Cuts

User Reviews
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84 %
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Shop Animal Cuts

For two decades, the name Hydroxycut has been synonymous with producing great results. Not only are these results visible quickly, they also last way past the cycle.

MuscleTech recently launched their new version of Hydroxycut Hardcore, which features potent doses of researched fat burning ingredients. It includes Green Tea and Green Coffee extracts to fend off excess fat storage in the body, but also special ingredients to boost up your metabolism. A faster metabolism means less fat storage and more fat being used as energy.  Indeed, with a slower metabolism, your body tends to store more fat than it consumes.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

This product also provides you with the necessary focus and energy to go on about your day. The dose of caffeine offers a lot of energy and focus for multiple workouts or cardio sessions.

8Expert Score
Hydroxycut Hardcore

Laser Focus

  • No added preservatives.
  • Zero artificial flavoring.
  • Large caffeine dose.
  • Long lasting results.

Shop Hydroxycut Hardcore

Video Review of Hydroxycut Hardcore

User Reviews
User Reviews Score
87 %
Check out the user reviews

Shop Hydroxycut Hardcore

If you are looking for a fast-acting fat burner, then The Ripper by Cobra Labs is what you need. It is renowned amongst bodybuilders for being one of the fastest and most effective fat burners out there.

The major appeal of The Ripper is its great taste and fast action formula which works immediately to remove excess fat from the body while still providing lots of energy.

The product contains a blend of several carefully picked ingredients which aid in increasing metabolism in the body. Remember: a faster metabolism provides a quicker way to get rid of fat.

Cobra Labs The Ripper

The Ripper mixes immediately in any drink of your choice and immediately helps you cut down on fat and increase metabolism. It offers mental focus and physical stamina to help you through the day. However, please note that some preservative and artificial flavoring are used for this product, which is why it’s not our top pick.

8Expert Score
The Ripper


  • Tastes great.
  • Increases mental focus.
  • Increases physical stamina.
  • Quick way to get rid of fat.

Shop The Ripper

Video Review of The Ripper

User Reviews
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87 %
Check out the user reviews

Shop The Ripper

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The Bottom Line

What is the Best Fat Burner?

We listed some of the best fat burning supplements in order to shed light on what kind of options are available on the market and which ones are the best. If we were to pick out a clear winner, it would definitely be Instant Knockout.

But to be honest, it is a close call considering Transparent Labs’ PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner’s effectiveness, and the fact that it also comes in a stim free version.

You’ll notice that most of the others share the same rating — as mentioned, we only list the best fat burners available today, not the garbage that does not yield any results. How do you choose between two burners rated the same? Read their respective reviews, they all have something that differentiates them from the competition (e.g., some are stim-free if this is what you’re looking for, some use exclusive ingredients, etc.). In any case, leave a comment below if you have any question or don’t know which one to choose. 😉

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