Eat well to fuel your workout

Have you ever felt drained during your workouts? Do you feel like you could give more but your body simply does not have the energy to continue? If you have, it is likely your body is not getting enough fuel for your rigorous workouts! It’s time to learn more about the proper nutrition for your training!

What problems could I face when I don’t fuel my work out?

Athletes who train rigorously, but don’t fuel their body accordingly, can face some serious side-effects. These symptoms or side-effects are often caused by a lack of protein or electrolytes, two things that are used the most during intensive workouts. To counter these problems, you can use some supplements before your training, but you must also look at your main nutrition to avoid more serious complications in the future.

What are the signs of protein deficiency?

A lack of protein in your diet can have serious consequences for your health; this means that the symptoms of a protein deficiency are often quite clear, although the athlete in question must be looking out for them to spot them early on.

The first symptom that accompanies protein deficiency is a lack of progress. If you have been training hard for a long time, but cannot see any results where muscle gain or sports performance is concerned, you may be lacking protein in your diet.

Protein deficiency can also be visible in your body’s ability to repair itself. Therefore, the body might need more time to heal wounds. Athletes who are not consuming enough protein are also more prone to develop injuries and may even lose muscle mass because the body needs protein to repair itself.

Finally, one of the most serious side-effects of protein deficiency is hair loss because protein is not only needed to fuel your muscles, it is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the hair, skin and nails.

What are the symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance?

When we train, we tend to lose a lot of electrolytes through sweat; therefore, many athletes will drink an electrolyte-rich drink right after their workout. If you do not replace the electrolytes you have lost during your training, it could translate to numerous symptoms and side-effects, which could have a negative impact on your training in general.

An electrolyte balance can manifest itself in different ways; this includes but is not limited to: muscle pain, spasms, restlessness, anxiety, frequent headaches, constant thirst, insomnia, fever, heart palpitations, digestive distress, confusion, reduced concentration, bone disorders, joint pain, blood pressure fluctuations, fatigue and dizziness. Considering the large number of side-effects and symptoms, an electrolyte imbalance is certainly something athletes want to avoid.

Interesting recipes to fuel your body before and after training

There are certain recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, but still have the power to fuel your workout. Below, you can find examples of real pre-workout energy bombs, as well as meals you could use after your training; this to ensure your body is getting enough nutrients to repair and maintain your muscle mass after workouts.

Strawberry smoothie

You’ve heard it right! Strawberry smoothies can be a great energy supplier before training. Of course, the strawberry smoothie must be made with the right ingredients for the smoothie to deliver the results you want.

To create a smoothie that will provide you with more energy, mix one scoop of whey protein powder with half a cup of ice and a full cup of strawberries. This mix will deliver a sweet drink that will boost your energy levels and provide your muscles with the right nutrients during your workouts. Of course, to make this recipe, you will have to invest in a good blender.

Chicken hash mix

The chicken hash mix is a great meal to have after your workout since it contains so many proteins and other nutrients that will repair your muscle more effectively after training. First, put one cup of chicken in a non-stick oven tray and place in the oven until cooked. Then, add one cup of butternut squash, apples and a hint of olive oil. Finish with some salt and pepper and store in the fridge until you finished your training.

Athlete’s parfait

When you like the taste of fresh fruit and yoghurt, this recipe might become your favourite pre-workout treat. Simply mix three tablespoons of non-fat yoghurt with half a cup of whole grain cereal and half a cup of fresh strawberries. Then place in the fridge until your workout or eat right away!

Egg on toast

Even though you cannot have this recipe every single day, since eating too many eggs can cause some digestive distress, it is still a great breakfast idea you can use from time to time. All you need is one or two hard-boiled eggs, which need to be placed on some whole-wheat toast. Of course, it is recommended to cook the eggs the day before, since cold eggs are a lot easier to cut into slices, which are then put on the bread.

The vegetable omelette

Healthy does not have to be tasteless, especially when you look at the vegetable omelette, a colourful breakfast with lots of nutrients. Simply mix two eggs with one tablespoon of cooked water and some sautéed seasonal veggies. Yum!


We are not suggesting you eat the band, but a bananarama shake that could give your body some nutrients after some rigorous training. All you need for this delicious shake is one medium banana (cut into small slices) and a cup of skimmed milk. Then, add your ingredients to your blender, mix and enjoy!


Eating healthy is a part of the foundation of your training because without the proper nutrition, your body simply does not have the fuel to deliver what you demand of it. Therefore, be sure to incorporate these helpful tips when you experience a lack of energy during training or when you believe your training could benefit from some extra nutrients.

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