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Nothing worth having in life will ever come to you without a fight. Be it a high-paying job, running a successful business, becoming a famous rock star or whatever it is you desire the most, I can guarantee you this…. you’re going to have to fight for it with everything you have. The second you start to lose focus and fall off track, there will be 100 other guys out there working twice as hard, ready to take your place. You need to be hungry and ready to open the door when opportunity comes knocking, otherwise you could miss out forever. This workout will make sure you are both physically and mentally equipped to take on any challenges in life which threaten to slow down your progress on the road to greatness.

The purpose of this full body workout is to train the fast twitch muscles fibres to fire off faster, thus turning your body into a more explosive, agile and stronger machine. It will also help to build an extremely strong core and incinerate fat.

When it comes to training for explosive power, you must train with bad intentions. Now I don’t mean go out and intentionally hurt yourself. What I mean is every rep and exercise must be performed with maximum explosive effort. For example, when performing the sledgehammer tyre slams, your intention should be to slam the tyre as hard as possible and as fast as possible (safely), every single rep. I recommend performing this workout 1-2 times per week for six weeks, in addition to your regular training routine.

Good luck!


Prowler Sled (A) 2 20m sprint
Weighted Box Jumps (B) 2 5 reps
Log Clean and Press 3 8-10 reps
Sledgehammer Tyre Slams (A) 2 15 sec each side
Farmers Carry (B) 2 30 sec
Battle Ropes 10 20 sec on, 20 sec off
Sprint 10 70m max intensity

Notes: Superset exercises marked with A and B


MUSCLES WORKED: Core, glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings and shoulders
SET-UP: Load a weight that is heavy, yet still able to be moved with moderate pace. Grab handles of sled with arms locked out straight, looking straight ahead and keeping your back very straight.
ACTION: Drive your feet back into the ground whilst exploding into a sprint. If your turf isn’t 20m long then do two or three laps instead.
TOP TIP: This exercise is an all out sprint on the sled; you should be moving with explosive intent and driving with your legs as fast as possible.

prowler sled


MUSCLES WORKED: Hamstrings, calves, core, quads and shoulders
SET-UP: Use very light weights if needed and practise without weights first before attempting. Choose a solid box or stable bench at a height you could normally jump moderately easy if fresh and not fatigued.
ACTION: Hold dumbbells in each hand, quarter squat fast then explode up – driving your knees towards your chest until your feet land firmly on the box or platform. Stand up straight and then step down from the box one foot at a time and repeat.
TOP TIP: Don’t squat too deep when box jumping as the deeper the squat, the more explosive power you lose on the way up due to a slower stretch reflex.

weighted box jumbs


MUSCLES WORKED: Core, quads, hamstrings, gluteus, back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and traps
SET-UP: Grip the handles inside the log and get into deadlift position keeping your core strong and back straight as possible. Be careful if it is your first time using the log. If you don’t have a log, use a barbell.
ACTION: Pull the log from the ground up to your waist. Explode the hips forward and drive the log up to your chest. Catch the log on your chest then press the log overhead until your arms lockout. Keep your chest arched up and core strong the entire time. Use your legs to help lift log if necessary.
TOP TIP: Keep your back arched and chest up when performing the press movement, don’t go too heavy and focus on explosive power.


MUSCLES WORKED: Traps, upper back, core, forearms, quads, calves, biceps and shoulders
SET-UP: Grip the handles and get into deadlift position. Keep your back straight and head neutral during the action.
ACTION: Drive through your heels and lift up the weight. Walk fast, leaning slightly forward and taking short steps. Don’t forget to breathe.
TOP TIP: Keep your chest up and shoulders back the entire time you’re performing the farmers carry.


MUSCLES WORKED: Core, shoulders, upper back and lower back
SET-UP: Stand about 30-60cm away from the tyre. Have your right hand gripping at the top of the handle underneath the hammer and the left hand gripped towards the bottom of the handle.
ACTION: Keeping your knees slightly bent, quickly raise the hammer above your right side. Brace the abs and swing the hammer down towards the tyre whilst sliding the top right hand down the handle towards the bottom hand. Reverse grip and swing on the opposite side.
TOP TIP: Try to get as many reps as you can in the 15 seconds each side, aim for speed and power.

sledgehammer tyre slams


MUSCLES WORKED: Shoulders, core, forearms and chest
SET-UP: Prepare the battle ropes before you begin the circuit by wrapping them around a pole or solid fixture and pulling them out straight, placing them in two parallel lines on the ground. When it’s time to use them, stand at one end and take one rope in each hand. Feet should be slightly wider than shoulder-width and knees slightly bent. Hinge forward at the hips to automatically isolate upper body and engage your core.
ACTION: Using your arms, lift the ropes in an alternating fashion, slamming them down on the ground to create a wave. Continue this motion without a break until the allocated time is up and don’t forget to breathe!


SET-UP: Find a solid, flat surface safe for running
ACTION: Sprint at maximum intensity the entire time. Walk back to start, this is your rest and then repeat.

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