5 Diet Tweaks to Control and Reduce Stress

Just a handful of small adjustments to your diet can make all the difference when it comes to controlling and reducing stress.

Stress chemicals affect everyone differently. Some people eat; some people can’t eat. Either way, what we know is the killer of all chemicals that is produced during times of stress is cortisol. During long-term bouts of stress, cortisol can lead to weight-gain and other problems — exactly what we don’t want when we’re stressed! Here are few easy ways to tweak your diet in order to manage stress.

Five Diet Tweaks to Reduce Stress

Never miss your morning breakfast

I highly recommend getting a nutrient-dense smoothie into you. Key nutrients can work wonders to combat cortisol, and a well-balanced smoothie full of macronutrients can help you feel fuller for longer. Plus, you won’t be dealing with glucose depletion — meaning you won’t need that mid-morning muffin!

Good fat all the way!

Make sure that every time you do have something to eat that it contains a portion of good fats. Nuts, avocado, olives, olive oil, and almond milk are great places to start. By having good fats with every food intake, your body gets all it needs to keep you going longer and numbs the sugar cravings.

Protein power

There’s a common misconception that you need to be a hardcore gym junkie to be adding protein to your smoothies or meals. However, as with fats, having the right amount of protein in each meal means your body gets what it needs to keep you feeling full. A good-quality vegan protein shake also does the trick to combat your sugar cravings while ensuring you’re getting some protein.

Hydrate all day long

Did you know that your body often mistakes thirst for hunger? Staying hydrated is crucial during times of stress, so carry water with you everywhere! Whenever you get a niggle for something sweet to eat, or to eat at all, have a big drink of water and wait it out to see if the feeling passes.

Be careful with your snacking

If you have the right proportions of the right foods in each meal, you won’t need to snack. However, if you do need a little something, grab a handful of nuts and a few blueberries.  Keep it light and simple, but try to keep snacking to a minimum.

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