Our Team

With all the supplements available (and the bullshit the supplements industry is known for) — have you ever wondered which supplements work? Us too.

This is why we’ve created KillYourLifts.com, a place where we can share our research and reviews on the best supplements. To do that, we are of course testing supplements ourselves, but also asking our readers, on our site but also on other websites, what they think the top supplements are in different categories. So far, we’ve created two complete guides:

We are already working on other stuff and we’ll be publishing our findings soon. 🙂

Supplements and working out go hand in hand (or at least they should!), which is why we are also reviewing routines such as the PHAT and PHUL workouts, and our aim is to be able to publish more and more of this type of articles, as we want to be a one stop shop for information about everything surrounding your training.

Who we are

We’re a team of 3 people from the US and the UK, all fitness enthusiasts who have been training and taking supplements for years.


TylerTyler created KillYourLifts in early 2019. He has a background in web development and has been training since 2005. He lives in the US and primarily trains in a powerbuilding way (half powerlifting, half bodybuilding, also called “best of both worlds” ;)). His favorite supplement is TestoFuel.



MikeMike lives in the UK and is mainly writing our workout and programs articles. He’s a certified personal trainer and has been training different types of clients for years. He knows what types of workouts deliver the best results, period. His favorite supplement is Instant Knockout.



AshleyAshley also lives in the UK and is our one woman PR department! She’s been training for about 6 years, and is fully dedicated to crossfit. She also writes some of our guides in the time she has left. 😉 Her favorite supplement is Transparent Labs’ Fat Burner.


We want to take this opportunity to say hi to all of you who are reading this page, and thank you for keeping us on our toes. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like to write for us.

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